Base Equity Trading System:

Base Equity Financials offers you a unique and simple Trading System-"Base Equity Trading System". In the market you have to be able to control yourself, you can't let emotions get in the way of your mind. Capital for the trader is what Air is for Lungs. Preserving capital should be your first aim. He conquers who endures, if you survive & remain active in trading, Profits are bound to come. The unique trading system can be used for Intraday and Positional trades. It has been made so simple that it can be used by anyone who doesn't have any knowledge of the markets and even the most experienced of traders. He/She can Buy & Sell Index, Stocks, Currency & Commodities, the entries and exits are well defined, with a defined stoploss.

Base Equity Trading System V 2.0:

Base Equity Trading System V 2.0 offers you the most advanced approach to trading the financial markets. This system offers a unique way of identifying the underlying trend which in turn helps the trader to be selective in his trades with the trend. The system also allows the trader to maximize the returns in a trending market. Remember time is the most important factor. Patience is a virtue, especially in the stock and commodities markets. You must have the patience to wait for the right opportunity and not be anxious to get into high volume trades on each and every signal.

Short Term Trend, Medium Term Trend and Long Term Trend on one Screen

Pyramiding – A Money Management Strategy To Increase Profits

"Cut your losers short and let your winners run", but how do you actually do that?

Metatrader Datafeed Real Time for MCX/NCDEX, NSE, INR and COMEX :

What We Provide ? We are providing MCX/NCDEX, NSE, INR and COMEX real time Non-Tradable Data feeds on Meta trader 4 (MT4) terminal For analysis. All Indian Exchange on Metatrader4 With Real time data feeds (NON Tradable) Advantages of MT4 Friendly user interface with multilingual support. High security on the online operations (the platform uses 128 bit encoding). Possibility to run operations with different financial market instruments like Futures, CFD Etc. in real-time mode. Built in Help function that includes the comprehensive trading terminal user guide. Possibility to manage a local database of quotations history with editing and export/import functions Unlimited number of charts can be plotted at various time intervals Full set of technical analysis tools provided Possibility to create and use Scripts which enable automatic execution of custom programmed trade operations by only one instruction Click For More Info About Metatrader benefits :

Benefits Of Metatrader Data feed

Real time Data Feeds, Multiple Chart Option, Smooth and Customize Terminal, Free One Day Demo, 24X7 Online Support, Dedicated Technical team, Customize and Quick Package Selection, Analysis Strategy, Largest Back History Data In Industry.

MetaTrader 4 for Mobile

MetaTrader 4 for iPhone/iPad, MetaTrader 4 for Android, MetaTrader 4 Mobile, MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition (SE), Click For More Info About Metatrader 4 for Mobile benefits :

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